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Cash Management from a Purchasing Perspective: A study of the possibilties for Siemens PGI4 to utilize Cash Management in purchasing

This thesis is written at the purchasing department at the subdivision PGI4, a part of Siemens Industrial Turbomachinery in Finspong (SIT), with the objective to reduce costs through an improved Cash Management.

Since purchased material constitute a great part of the final product value, around 60 percent, one can easily understand the purchasing departments’ possibilities to influence the firms’ Total Cost. Even though Cash Management is given the greatest focus within companies with liquidity problems, there is a lot to gain even in times of prosperity.

In those means the purpose of the thesis is to; “analyse the possibilities for purchasing at Siemens PGI4 to utilize Cash Management to reduce the Total Cost”. To clarify the costs related to  Purchasing a Model of Total Cost is compiled.

Specific areas, important from a Cash Management point of view, are identified and furthermore mapped at SIT. Moreover it is also examined how other companies manage these areas in practice. From this approach solutions are developed to suggest how Purchasing at PGI4 could utilize Cash Management, and also how improvements can be met.
Source: University of Gävle
Author: Nilsson, Erik | Bergstrand, Lars

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