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Future Vision of the Traditional TV

This study in marketing, examines possible solutions for the following problems Research Questions:

  • What can be done for the traditional TV to have a different role in the transition stage and the future? (General)
  • How can local/small channels survive at this moment of the transition stage from TV age to Online-stream? (Specific Case)
  • How can the avoidance of commercials can be solved? [It is both threat for global and local channels (Specific/General)]
  • Piracy of movies or TV contents may not be stopped but how can it be reduced? (General)

In literature review, actors, resources and activities in the media and advertising has been defined. Threats has been explained clearly for the creation of the possible solutions. For the forecast of TV channels Brand Sense have been examined. The solutions for the research questions created through three main approaches.

The theory has been analyzed for the problems and the future designs.

  • Focus groups has been used to test the possible solution (future proposal)
  • At the end, Kanal 12’s(Local Swedish Channel) executives has been interviewed that has been created through the outcome from the focus groups.

In the future proposal there has been six different offers solutions that is created where four of them looks for possible solutions for today’s problems that the TV channels face with and the other two offers a new aspect for the future of the TV concept.

The questions that has been asked to the focus groups were mainly about these solutions. The answers for the research questions have been made up with the responses of the focus groups as well as with the comments and possibility issues that has been collected from the TV channel executives.

These results details have been explained in the future proposal. The results were

  • First step for the traditional TV concept is that television(the product) has to have internet connection.
  • At this transition of the traditional TV to online systems stage, the best that local channels do is to switching on the $ per click system with the shorter time commercials.
  • Online Shopping feature of the future proposal can solve the avoidance of the TV commercials.
  • Interactive movies can reduce the piracy of the TV contents.

Source: Karlstad University
Author: Birdal, Can

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