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Marketing plan for an iPhone

These days, people require more functions added to the mobile phone rather than just sending or receiving the call and SMS. The mobile phone should be able to act as a camera or music player or even portable computer. Exploiting this point, the Apple Company who always lead technology fashion trend have developed and prepared to release iPhone in US market in June 2007.

Our marketing plan focuses on launching Apple’s iPhone in a brand new market, Chinese mobile market. Our target is to obtain 5 percent of Chinese smart phone market share at the end of 2008. This plan is supposed to help Apple to figure out marketing promotion, pricing and distribution strategy so that it can enter and stay stably in China mobile market, and to make Apple succeed in the fierce brand competition.

Within this marketing plan, recent Chinese mobile market will be studied and potential consumers of iPhone will be explored; Strength and weakness of the product will be examined and also opportunities and threats in the market will be analyzed; Risks in launching iPhone will be predicted and relevant strategies will be suggested.
Source: Kungliga Tekniska högskolan
Author: Jin Shan | Le Quoc Thang | Liu Qing

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