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Marketing Strategies of an Integrated Facility Services Company

The purpose of the research is to understand how Integrated Facility service companies develop, plan and implement useful marketing strategies that are result orientated and in line with the triple bottom line which encompasses economic profitability,social awareness and environmental responsibility.


We have used both primary and secondary data sources. The secondary data used were literature review to enable us understand the general concept on marketing strategies and what research has been conducted on our topic. The primary data source was mainly interview with our contact person at ISS. These methods are all geared towards answering our research questions.


The research questions are:

1. What strategies are used by ISS?

2. What strategies (if any) are relevant for the possible growth of an integrated facility services company?

3. How can these strategies be used to yield expected results in form of environmental responsibility, profits and company growth?


From the research we conducted as well as the analysis we made, we were able to determine ISS marketing strategy and to also find out that their marketing strategies lead the organization towards their corporate vision of leading facility services globally. We also established the fact that since we studied only one integrated facility company which is ISS, our conclusions can not be generalized as a rule of thumb for every integrated facility service company due to several factors highlighted in the body of our project.

Also, we stressed the importance of environmental management system for every integrated facility service company. This standard in our opinion, would not only proof that such a company is serious about corporate social responsibility, it would also help lead the organization towards the triple bottom line.
Source: Blekinge Institute of Technology
Author: Collins Nwakanma Amanze, Sondengam B.K.A

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