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Surrogate Boycotts: And the effects on Companies and Marketing

The purpose of this research is to understand what role surrogate boycotts can play on companies targeted by a surrogate boycott and how companies can work with their marketing strategies to reduce the effects of a surrogate boycotts.

We have used a qualitative approach in this study, with multiple cases studies as a method. Our empirical data was collected through personal interviews with people from the Danish companies: Mette Munk A/S, Nordex Foods, Quantum and Arla Foods.

We conclude that the role that surrogate boycotts play on companies involved is that it effect the company’s financial situation and gives the problems with the image. We also conclude that companies can work with promotion, altering their products and choosing other ways to distribute their products in order to reduce the effects of a surrogate boycott.

Also different marketing tools and strategies can be used during different stages of the boycott in order to be most effective.
Source: Halmstad University
Author: Berg, Fredrik | Alhaider, Rawa

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