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A Study On Attrition Level In Pondicherry Polymers Private Ltd

Attrition is a critical issue and pretty high in the industry these days. It’s the major problem which highlights in all the organizations. Though the term ‘ATTRITION’ is common, many would be at a loss to define what actually Attrition is, “Attrition is said to be the gradual reduction in the number of employees through retirement, resignation or death”.

It can also be said as ‘Employee Turnover or Employee Defection’ Whenever a well-trained and well-adapted employee leaves the organization, it creates a vacuum. So, the organization loses key skills, knowledge and business relationships. Modern managers and personnel administrators are greatly interested in reducing Attrition in the organization, in such a way that it will contribute to the maximum effectiveness, growth, and progress of the organization.

This study is an out come of the topic called “A study on Attrition Level in Pondicherry Polymers Private Limited”. The study is undertaken at Thiruvandar koil industrial sector area. The survey is carried out in the company called “PONDICHERRY POLYMERS PRIVATE Ltd” for a period of one month.

The main objectives of this study is to know the reasons, why attrition occurs, to identify the factors which make employees dissatisfy, to know the satisfactory level of employees towards their job and working conditions and to find the areas where Pondicherry Polymer Private Ltd is lagging behind.

Nearly 50 samples are taken to the study the Attrition level in the organization. Primary data such as Questionnaire and Interview method has been used to collect the data from the employees. From the study it is identified that the lack in growth opportunities and the family issues are the major problems for the occurrence of attrition in the company.
Author: Ameer Ali

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