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Ethiopia as a Tourist destination, An exploration of Swedish Tourist Market Demand (Case Study)

This study aimed at exploring Demand of Swedish Tourists towards Ethiopian tourist destinations. The author has tried his level best in identifying the demands discrepancies of Swedish tourists’ preferences if they are offered a visit tours as same time by Ethiopian Tourism Sector and others African countries namely; Tanzanian, Egyptian, South African and Kenyan Tourism Authority.

In caring out this study, both qualitative and quantitative research method is being used and the most important data is sourced by primary data collecting method using interviews, Surveys, and by secondary data utilizing literatures collected from books, Journals, Past researches and Electronic websites.

The author also used strategic sampling technique whereby ample potential feedbacks could be gathered from Seven Tours Companies, Five African Embassies and Twenty Five active Swedish Tourists in Stockholm. On the basis of the analysis of the data which was collected during the interview and surveys, the study revealed that majority of Swedish tourists have little demand on Ethiopian Tourism supply(offers) due to the following reasons;

1. Swedish tourists are dominantly more fascinated by Adventure, Safari and Beach types of trips than cultural and Historical Tours. These interests have leaded them to look for few African countries which have rich sources of Adventure, safari and Beach trips.
2. Even though there are few Swedish visitors who are interested in culture and history, they need to get at least one combination from Safari, Beach or Adventure trips. But unlike the rest of others four African Tourist destination countries stated on the above paragraph, the Swedish tourists believe that these combinations are not available in Ethiopian Tourism offers as they thought that Ethiopia is only known by its cultural and Historical Tourism offers. 3. Tour and travel companies, who are running the major Swedish tourists flow to Africa, have very little information and practical experiences on Ethiopian tourism supply. Due to these reasons the information that they knew about Ethiopia and its tourism sites is not coincide with the Ethiopian Tourism potential in reality.
4. Moreover the poor marketing operation of Ethiopian Tourism Authority and its delegates in advertizing and clarifying the above irregularities which are raised by both the tourists and the tour and travel companies. These and others attributed for the failure of Ethiopian tourism Authority to welcome as many Swedish tourists as possible.
Source: Blekinge Institute of Technology
Author: Biazen, Hailie Teshale

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