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Perspectives on the Elements of Packaging Design: A Qualitative Study on the Communication of Packaging

In today’s markets almost all products we buy come packaged. We use packaging to protect, contain and identify products. Furthermore if this is executed in a skillful way consumers often choose products based on packaging.

The work of a designer and marketer is therefore extremely valuable when it comes to the design of a package.How are packages used to communicate marketing information? Purpose: The focus of this thesis is to identify differences and similarities of a packaging’s visual elements from the perspectives of designers and marketers.

Interviews with designers and marketers. The theoretical knowledge has served as the basis for our empirical work and lead to a research model from which an interview guide was formed. Conclusion: According to our respondents and theory, packaging is a big component in a brand’s marketing strategy that communicates the brand’s message and values.

Marketing information can be designed into visual elements that are used on the package to communicate a message that speaks to consumers’ emotions. Our results showed that ‘color’ is the visual element the professionals use to catch the attention of consumers and most effectively influence their emotions. Designers and marketers can together achieve successful packaging as the designer combines design elements that tell the brand’s story and the marketer knows how the package sells and maximizes profit today.
Source: Blekinge Institute of Technology
Authors: Alervall, Viktoria | Saied, Juan Sdiq

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