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Commercializing a Microfinance Institution to Maximize Profit: A Study of the Sinapi Aba Microfinance Institution-ghana

Microfinance is one major approach to offering financial services to the majority, (mainly poor people) in developing countries. Traditionally, most of these institutions largely operate based on support by international donor agencies. Research into this field has shown that a microfinance institution has the ability to maximize profits by commercializing its services.

The research problem is to find out how the Sinapi Aba Microfinance Institution, (Ghana) can maximize profits as a result of commercialization of operations. The main purpose of this research is to illustrate to the Sinapi Aba Microfinance Institution how it could maximize profits through the commercialization of its operations. The research is a study that uses the qualitative approach.

Relevant information for the theoretical background and the Sinapi Aba has been organized through primary and secondary data search. The primary data is based on a telephone interview with Mr.Opata Narh, managing director at Sinapi Aba Microfinance Institution in Oda, and a questionnaire sent through an attached e-mail to Mrs.Georgina Ocansey, the human resource manager to solicit her opinion on the same subject. Information’s were also gathered from the institutions home page.

The secondary data was sourced from books and articles from the Mälardalen University library and internet sources within this field of study.In an effort to illustrate to the Sinapi Aba Microfinance Institution how it could be self sufficient through profit maximization, the author was able to base his argument on the theories used in the frame of reference in connection with the findings obtained from the telephone interview, questionnaire and the institutions home page.

This also helped the author establish the fact that the Sinapi Aba Microfinance Institution can maximize profit through the commercialization of its services. Profit maximization could therefore be achieved by developing its human resources, mobilizing savings, supervision and regulative mechanisms and finally marketing and competitive positioning.
Source: Mälardalen University
Author: Allotey, Daniel

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