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International Entrepreneur: A Network Approach in Market Entry Process in Sweden

Background: Globalisation and technology creates an impact in the business world an economy thus leads many countries, such as Sweden to encourage foreign investments in their nation by promotion and providing assistance.

This phenomenon brings about not only a global market place for firms but also opportunities for individual entrepreneurs with wider business horizon. In this thesis, these individuals are defined as international entrepreneurs.

Without prior resources and business networks as of established firms, it is undeniable that an international entrepreneur would face various difficulties when they start their businesses away from home. Networking can be an important tool in gaining opportunities and resources in starting a business abroad thus it may be essential for international entrepreneurs to play a leading role in accessing networks in the hosting country to gain resources.

Networks contribute to the dynamism of market entry. Market entry is not just described as ways of entry but could be described as a process and it could be illustrated in three phases: “Opportunity-seeking phase”, “Establishment phase” and “Realized Process phase”

Purpose: The purpose of this dissertation is to understand “how international entrepreneurs managed market entry process in network approach in Sweden”.

Method: A qualitative method approach has been used to achieve the purpose of the thesis. For gaining a better understanding of the topic, authors chose case study and conducted semi-structured interviews to collect data and analyzed it to draw a conclusion.

Conclusion: The case study led us to find out an inter relations in the growing number and changes of types of networks as the market entry process reached its point of realisation. Further to that, there are some similarities in foreign market entry process of an established firm as compared to an individual entrepreneur, the difference being the types of networks.

Contribution: This thesis would create a better understanding on individual entrepreneurs venturing overseas in particular, the Swedish market. As the focus is on market entry process in networks perspective, this research could benefit potential entrepreneurs and business students.
Source: Mälardalen University
Author: Binte Ruslan, Sriyuni | Wan, Yi Ting

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