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How to Develop a Mobile Marketing Strategy

Mobile is finally beginning to deliver on its promise to advertisers. The mobile marketing industry long predicted the arrival of broadband mobile internet and rich multimedia phones, and we are now seeing British consumer’s usage of these technologies deepening daily.

This is transforming the mobile content industry into a multi-million pound concern and some of the UK’s biggest traditional media owners including ITV, Channel4, EMAP and MSN are now deploying ‘made-for-mobile’ media to capitalize on the public’s appetite for mobile content. And as history has demonstrated on more than one occasion, whenever we witness a concentration of media and consumers, advertising soon follows.

Using mobile, advertisers can now go beyond pure exposure and recall and expect more than brand impact – they can now deliver brand engagement. The unparalleled depth of interaction between consumers and their mobile phones, together with the ability afforded by mobile advertising to control the viewing environment provides advertisers with an opportunity to build more meaningful brand relationships than at anytime in advertising history.

But how can brand owners exploit this opportunity? What sectors is mobile most relevant to? How can mobile integrate into the established mix to support overall marketing objectives, and, how do we measure its effectiveness? These questions and many others will be answered in this paper as we attempt to define a framework for brands that wish to develop a mobile marketing &
advertising strategy.
Source: Aerodeon
Author: Chris Bourke

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Mobile Marketing: From Marketing Strategy to Mobile Marketing Campaign Implementation

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